Mike Sawchuk

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?
Our goal is to assist you to get the results and attention that open opportunities for you and your facilities. We do this by informing, coaching, and assisting you to conduct your situation specific assessment, then prioritize the key required changes, and develop an integrated and comprehensive action plan to drive positive, sustainable change in order to deliver the highest level of clean, safe, healthy at the lowest costs. We provide you with relevant information, based on best-in-class benchmarking, and the ability to ask questions along the way with a separate Q&A session after the presentation of the module, and the completion of your site-specific assessment based on that module. The modules and Q&As cover all aspects of cleaning operations – from products & protocols, to people, to management & leadership. It is unique and complete.
2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to conduct a high-level business discussion of your thoughts, concerns, frustrations, etc. so we can determine what’s NOT working well enough in your cleaning operations. Once we’re both clear on what’s going on there, we’ll discuss your goals. If we determine working together is your best next step toward achieving your goals and generating data and an assessment of your current cleaning operations as compared to best-in-class benchmarking, we’ll talk about that. If it ends up not being a fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Mike Sawchuk?
Over the 30 years in the professional cleaning industry, I’ve worked for and with, cleaning chemical manufacturers, JanSan distributors, small to medium sized BSCs; as well as universities, colleges and schools that were primarily cleaned with their in-house, unionized cleaning staff. Over my journey, I have led custodians in operations at a university, trained custodians and managers to improve their operations and results, know the value that good manufacturers and distributors can contribute, and much more. I have seen, been part of, struggled through, and assisted many cleaning operations – some great, and many not so great.

Why? What makes the difference in outputs? Great associations, companies and groups offer tons of information and resources for cleaning products and protocols (procedures, tasks, processes, etc.) that drive effectiveness and productivity; for hiring, supervising or managing staff in order to drive efficiency, productivity, engagement and professional culture. Then why are so many FM executives not knowing, not having data and assessments to verify that their cleaning operations deliver consistent, best-in-class clean, safe, healthy facilities at the lowest overall cost? There are too many in this group, and they need to capitalize on the current heightened awareness on the importance of clean to drive the necessary changes to improve as and where required – not only for the sake of their facility, the occupants/users/visitors of the facilities and cleaning staff, but also to ensure they are best prepared for the next pandemic as it might be more contagious and deadly.

I am unique. I have experienced what many are going through. I resolved the challenges and frustrations by assessing the specific situation; then developing an integrated and comprehensive plan to move from where we were to where we want to go based on my experiences, knowledge, and skills in the science of cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting; leading people; building teams; engineering culture; and then tenaciously implemented and got things done, and delivered positive change and results.

I now assist those that are struggling with the science of cleaning, disinfecting, protecting, and prevent them from reinventing the wheel so to speak, going through the same struggles that others have learned from, in order to make meaningful change by getting guided from my professional cleaning industry experiences, skills, and accomplishments; knowledge of industry insights and trends; and by my leadership introspection, helping them improve their cleaning operations results and outputs and make the world a cleaner, safer and healthier place – one facility at a time.

Mike has earned a B.B. Administration from Brock University, and an MBA from McMaster University. In addition, he graduated from UL University’s Lean Sigma Green Belt Training, which includes the requirements of demonstration of technical skills and knowledge base, training participation, the ability to apply Lean and Six Sigma methodology, as well as demonstrating the leadership qualities to deliver breakthrough results for the organization. Lastly, Mike earned ISSA-CIMS-ICE.

For more information on Mike’s experience, skills and accomplishments, review them at www.linkedin.com/in/mikesawchuk/

Some People I’ve Worked With

Rich DiPaolo

Editorial Director

January 31, 2013, Rich worked with Mike but at different companies

“It has been a pleasure interviewing and working with Mike on various projects for over a decade. As an editor and writer in the JanSan industry, I can always count on Mike to provide insight into Green Cleaning trends and other general industry topics. Mike has extensive knowledge of the market, strong relationship building skills, and steady vision to advance our industry.”

Bob Gehlen

Vice President of Operations

January 1, 2018, Bob was a client of Mike’s

“I have known Mike for over 20 years. From my time at Marriott Management Services, Sodexho Marriott, and Sodexo, to most recently with me at EFS Clean. Mike is an expert on Sustainability Cleaning, knows the cleaning industry very well, understands what BSCs require from a cleaning chemical manufacturer and distributor, and is able to provide value, quickly. He can assist to deliver the cleanest, greenest, safest facility.”

Peter Henson, CPMR, I.C.E., CSBA, AAP

Chief Executive Officer/Allynt Solutions

December 1, 2012, Peter worked with Mike but at different companies

“Mike is a pioneer and leading authority in the Green Cleaning movement. Mike’s knowledge, experience and passion for cleaning for health and wellness is unsurpassed. Often times I have relied on Mike for information regarding process, procedures and product knowledge and he comes through each and every time. Mike is always there for me when I need help or assistance and I am fortunate to count him as both a friend and a colleague.”

Tracey Caville

Re-Distribution Sales Manager/Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd

December 27, 2017, Tracey reported directly to Mike

“Mike is one of the most dedicated and passionate leaders I have worked with. His constant desire to teach, develop, lead people to success is amazing. Mike’s knowledge in our “Jan San” industry is not only long but very impressive. Mike’s entrepreneurial style is truly an asset to any organization.”

Michel Theriault

Facility Management Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

January 20, 2012, Michel worked with Mike but at different companies

“I’ve known Mike ever since my time in the Jani industry and I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He’s working hard to promote education of environmental practices in the Jani industry and provide useful, relevant information to the FM community.”

Mike Watt

Director, Training/New Product Development/Avmor Ltd.

December 15, 2017, Mike worked with Mike but at different companies

“Mike is a consummate professional. Passion and driven for results are perhaps two of the best words to describe Mike. An excellent developer and executor of plans, highly visionary, and uniquely relevant for our industry. As a consultant, Mike is uniquely qualified to assist you with your business in a myriad of different ways, from sales to operations effectiveness, Mike has a keen ability to sort through reams of data and realities and come up with a clear and concise prescription for success. Make your mind up to engage with Mike on your business needs. The investment you make up front will pay you large dividends down stream.”

Mark Warner

National Sales Manager/The Bullen Companies

December 30, 2011, Mike worked with Mark in the same group

“I had the privilege of working with Mike for many years, throughout several changes in my career. He has always proven to be extremely honest, trustworthy and hard-working. Mike is a very focused individual, and very detail oriented…. from managing sales reps and VIP customers, to managing budgets and P&Ls.”

Adam Caldwell

Sustainability Sales Strategist

November 15, 2017, Adam reported directly to Mike

During my time under Mike’s leadership, I learned more about myself and my profession than I had under any other manager. Mike is tough but fair, challenging people to be self-critical, take chances, push their limits and develop their strengths. Mike leads with intelligence, passion, humor and humility. He strives to not simply manage, but to empower those he manages to become leaders.


Account Executive/Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene

November 22, 2012, GREG was a client of Mike’s

“One would be hard pressed to find an individual that is more knowledgeable or enthusiastic in the Jan/San market. Mike’s ability to promote the philosophy of “green” is second to none. Whether he is speaking to a room full of industry people or demonstrating a product to a handful of custodians, Mike’s energy is hard to match. Mike’s attention to detail has always been appreciated as has his ability to problem solve.”

Michael Nosko

Executive Director/ISSA Canada

November 22, 2012, Michael was a client of Mike’s

“Mike has been an innovator in the Jan San industry in North America. His knowledge of sustainability is second to none. Experience in sales and sales management, marketing and strategic planning will make him a valuable asset to any organization. Mike has been a true professional, a pleasure to work with.”

Eliot Ho

President/Unifly International, inc.

April 9, 2013, Eliot worked with Mike but at different companies

“Mike is one of the most knowledgeable expert in marketing & training the green cleaning products and he is really a helpful partner to work with. You always can get critical supports expected from him. Not only good working partner, but also constructive personal friend if you are lucky as me to meet Mike!”

Benjamin Holt

Account Executive/UL Environment

January 2, 2018, Benjamin reported directly to Mike

“While only a relatively short period of time we spent together at UL Environment, I came to appreciate Mike’s knowledge and passion of the JanSan/Professional Cleaning Industry, and the various Certifications for Green. Mike is a great leader, providing clear direction of the mission and what needs to be done in order to reach it. Mike was an inspiration and encouraging while providing insightful and pragmatic advice.”

Scott Jarden

President/The Bullen Companies

January 4, 2018, Scott worked with Mike but at different companies

“Mike’s knowledge of the industry is extensive from basic product knowledge to sales and marketing. Having worked in Canada and the USA and for manufacturers and services businesses he sees the industry from a broad perspective. It has been my pleasure to work with him in all of these roles.”

Dan Wagner

Helping Independent Cleaning Industry Distributors Make a Difference!

January 31, 2013, Dan worked with Mike but at different companies

“Mike is a true industry expert whose innovative and forward-thinking nature is matched only by his commitment to excellence. His knowledge of sustainability and green cleaning is unsurpassed and he would be an asset to any organization.”